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WaterWipes® – The original baby wipe suitable for sensitive, newborn andpremature baby’s skin, made with simply two ingredients: 99.9% water and adrop of fruit extract.  

WaterWipes® with Soapberry – WaterWipes with Soapberry are a textured wipe for toughermesses but just as kind on sensitive skin and are ideal for weaning andexploring babies. They’re made using a drop of fruit and soapberry extract - anaturally powerful cleanser. 

Nose to Toes XL Bathing Wipes – Our new Nose to Toes XL Bathing Wipes are just as pure as ouroriginal wipes, but almost double the size, with a new embossed texture tocapture more of the mess. Parents can use Nose to Toes to clean all over baby’shands, face & body. They’re perfect for when a mess happens on-the-go andyour baby needs an all-over wipe down (like at the beach, a camping trip, or arestaurant). And let’s be honest, they’re also perfect forwhen you’re home and just don’t have the energy to give your littleone a full-on bath.


WaterWipes®can be purchased at the following stores:



Price Range:$3.99-$42.99 for Core and $14.99 for Soapberry 240ct


Price Range:$3.18-$34.56 for Core and $3.99 - $32.99 for Soapberry

Amazon + XLBathing Wipes link

Price Range: $12.32 -$34.56 for Core, $14.99 - $32.99 for Soapberry and $4.49 for XL Bathing Wipes


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I didn\'t try yet this product , but I would love it to try for my baby. For me, it will be a great opportunity ...


Best wipes!

I really like the quality of these wipes, these wipes are easy to use and leave my baby\'s delicate skin clean and fresh. I use this daily for all purposes including wiping the entire body and cleaning up the mess. These wipes contain 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract so they are safe to use on all skin types. These don’t dry out the baby\'s skin and never had a rash on the baby\'s skin. This is strong and durable, each wipe is just the right size to clean away the mess. I am glad I purchased this and would highly recommend it to everyone.


Wanna try it

I really wanna try this wipes so much good reviews


Water wipes

These wipes are just a durable and clean just as well as other leading brands I have tried but they pretty much just water on a super soft cloth. Love the pureness and lack of added chemicals. They work great for newborns sensitive skin and don\'t leave any smell or residue. Only downfall is that they are priced above most other brands.


Good product

I received a sample of this product at a baby show. Wipes are non-irritating and great for the face, butt and skin in general. I like to use them after I use a make-up wipe to clean my face of any chemicals from the make-up wipe.

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