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WaterWipes® – The original baby wipe suitable for sensitive, newborn andpremature baby’s skin, made with simply two ingredients: 99.9% water and adrop of fruit extract.  

WaterWipes® with Soapberry – WaterWipes with Soapberry are a textured wipe for toughermesses but just as kind on sensitive skin and are ideal for weaning andexploring babies. They’re made using a drop of fruit and soapberry extract - anaturally powerful cleanser. 

Nose to Toes XL Bathing Wipes – Our new Nose to Toes XL Bathing Wipes are just as pure as ouroriginal wipes, but almost double the size, with a new embossed texture tocapture more of the mess. Parents can use Nose to Toes to clean all over baby’shands, face & body. They’re perfect for when a mess happens on-the-go andyour baby needs an all-over wipe down (like at the beach, a camping trip, or arestaurant). And let’s be honest, they’re also perfect forwhen you’re home and just don’t have the energy to give your littleone a full-on bath.


WaterWipes®can be purchased at the following stores:



Price Range:$3.99-$42.99 for Core and $14.99 for Soapberry 240ct


Price Range:$3.18-$34.56 for Core and $3.99 - $32.99 for Soapberry

Amazon + XLBathing Wipes link

Price Range: $12.32 -$34.56 for Core, $14.99 - $32.99 for Soapberry and $4.49 for XL Bathing Wipes


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Water wipes

Saw a bunch of youtube videos and everyone said this product is great for sensitive baby skin. I\'m having my first baby this fall and excited to try it.


The only wipes we use

The title pretty much says it all. I love that these are generally just water. Even testing them on myself, they dont leave a sticky residue or a bad scent. We never struggled with diaper rash when using these, but those few times we switched to another brand, the diaper rash would pop up within 24 hours. The only con is they are a little hard to dispense from the packaging, but again, it was an easy trade off for me.


Clean and fresh

Love the water wipes I use them for my baby and for my self they do the job and the clean up is easy and they don\'t fall apart.

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