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Bella Zorrilla

team-member-mobile Social Media Coordinator

Where do you live and what did you do before joining BCB?

Chicago, IL

For the past decade I have fallen in love with the marketing and events world. Before joining BCB I worked independently to provide various businesses in the Chicago area with social media presence and strategies for success.

What is your position/job at BCB?

Social Media Coordinator

What do you love most about working at BCB?

What I love the most about working at BCB is the BCB community! I care so much for all parents of all ages, nothing makes me happier than helping all mothers and creating relationships along the way. Being able to become a voice for BCB is incredibly special and allows me to help make a difference to all individuals during their parenthood journeys.

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Peanut butter and chocolate

Fave beauty/health & wellness product?

Iced coffee & sleep! Add in an eye mask every once in a while.

Favorite family activity?

Our family has a 1976 Ford Bronco and my favorite family activity is in the spring/summer we like to spend time driving around altogether listening to music and getting ice cream. Fingers crossed as I hope my dad will pass on the car to me one day!

If you walked through my house you would probably think I am Boston Terrier obsessed, and it’s because I am!

Pictured here is:

A photo of some of my family and I on vacation in Michigan and my pup named Pico, he’s been by my side since Covid. I also consider a lot of my friends to be my family as they’ve been a part of my life for the longest of time.  They all have been such a support to me and in many ways. They inspire me to introduce them to BCB once they start having babies of their own- which is very soon!



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