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Christina Kraft

team-member-mobile BCB Phoenix Market Leader

Christina has lived most of her life in Minnesota.  After a recent 2-year stint in the Arizona desert, she has realized she will always be a Minnesotan.  Christina missed the deep green of the trees, the lakes, Minnesota-nice, and the snow!  To Christina, there is nothing better than a sunny, snowy winter day.   


Christina graduated with a degree in Marketing.  She started working in Purchasing at a large, national fitness center where she purchased all of the equipment, supplies, and sourced the repair and maintenance jobs for the fitness centers.  Christina loved everything about the culture, the people, and the job. 


She married her high school sweetheart at 22 and decided to wait many years to have children.  Getting pregnant didn’t come as easily as expected.  Christina decided to wait one more month before calling her doctor to get checked out.  Good thing she did, because Christina was pregnant!  After a very easy, smooth pregnancy, it was time for their son to arrive.  He had a strong heartbeat through labor and somewhere between the last push and the outside world, he passed away.  Christina and her husband’s world were turned upside down.  


Christina went back to her job and felt unfulfilled.  A couple months later, she was pregnant again.  During her second pregnancy, she found Bump Club and Beyond and started going to as many events as she could.  Christina had a thirst for all things baby.  Gearapalooza was the icing on the cake!  She was hooked on BCB.  


After having their second child, it was an easy decision to stay at home.  A year after their second was born, she was pregnant again!  Christina now has two girls who keep her heart and hands full!  They are a huge blessing to her and her husband.  They are comedians, theatrical, happy, fierce, and energetic.  Family, coffee, and travel are extremely important to Christina.  Kids aren’t slowing her and her husband down from traveling.  They think it’s important for the kids to experience different environments, cultures, and experience what the world has to offer them.  She believes that losing her son has helped put her life into perspective.  It has helped open her eyes to what’s important in her life and helped her be more patient with others.  


When their third child was 3 weeks old, Christina and her husband learned they were moving to Arizona for her husband’s job.  Going from winter to 126 degrees in about a month’s time was a huge shock to her!  It was in Arizona when BCB reached out to Christina to see if she would like to be the Phoenix Market Leader.  Christina jumped on the opportunity, as she missed her Minnesota mom community that BCB helped foster.  Christina is so happy to have a position that allows her to balance being a mom and working. 

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