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Sue Menkes, PhD

team-member-mobile Founder of Healthy Little Sleepers, LLC

Susie Menkes, PhD is an expert in pediatric sleep, has her background in development, serves on the Medical Board for What’s Up Moms (the #1 Parenting You Tube Channel), is certified in pediatric sleep and child behavior and is the founder and webinar host of Healthy Little Sleepers Through trial and error and paying so many dues to figure out how to get her own little ones to sleep, Dr. Menkes came up with a map (so-to-speak) that led her first baby to sleep through the night at 4mos and take 3 predictable naps during the day (the naps took some time to come together, but they did!).  She put what she knew into practice and it was amazing.  It was so amazing that when Dr. Menkes had her daughter, she started even earlier with her and her daughter was sleeping through the night at 8 weeks old!  (She was a very good sleeper though – this was part temperament!).   

Dr. Menkes was so empowered by her little ones’ sleeping, she began researching infant + toddler sleep more intently and helping other families to achieve the success her family experienced.  She knew there was a lot more she could learn so she furthered her education by becoming a Certified Infant + Toddler Sleep Consultant through a 250+ hour training curriculum with the founder of the Family Sleep Institute, Deborah Pedrick Thus, Healthy Little Sleepers was born.  

Now, she gets the honor of helping families that are struggling with their little one’s sleep just as she did.  Every family is different, every situation is unique; Dr. Menke puts together a customized plan for each family based on their goals and parenting philosophy and supports them along the way.   

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