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Together, Bump Club and Beyond and our experts from across the country will be sharing information on all of the topics most important to you as parents. From the newborn stage all the way up to school-aged kids, no topic is off limits.

There are an infinite number of “right ways” when it comes to parenting. We strive to provide you with the tools to find those which work for you and your family.  Here at BCB,  we search the country to find the best experts with the proper credentials and degrees, to share their knowledge with you. For more on how we choose our BCB Experts, CLICK HERE. 

2019 BCB Webinar Schedule:


The most common complication after childbirth is postpartum depression. Learn about the various disorders that can occur in the postpartum period and how to create a plan that will empower you to handle any postpartum mood or anxiety disorder.


As lactation consultants, we're often one of the first people working with new families.  When we teach and support breastfeeding, we also teach about newborn behavior, newborn care, how to read newborn cues, what is the range of normal and how to interpret what the newborn is communicating to you.  Breastfeeding is in fact a lens through which we look at and try to understand newborns so that we can help mothers be attuned to what their newborns need and respond appropriately.


Building emotional awareness and the ability to manage feelings determines how happy and successful children will grow to be.  Unlike IQ, EQ (emotional intelligence) is taught.  This webinar will outline a roadmap to cultivate emotional intelligence.


This Webinar will provide a brief overview of what your postpartum healing will be like immediately after birth. Learn how to care for yourself and also what is normal versus abnormal during the postpartum period.


Between travel itineraries, new sleeping arrangements and sugary treats, it can be hard to keep your child’s sleep on track.  Join this webinar for some simple tips to keep sleep solid, as well as tips to get back on track should sleep disruptions happen.


Food is so much more powerful than you can ever imagine.  What we feed our children has a direct result in their brain development and growth, immune support, mental clarity, and focus.  Adita Yrizarry-Lang will teach you how to reset the family kitchen without disturbing the peace and make mealtime one that empowers our little ones for success. Webinar begins at 8pm CST.



Back to School Success for EveryoneWATCH HERE

Basics of Expecting Twins with Twiniversity.  WATCH HERE

Body Safety with Janeen Hayward.  WATCH HERE

Breastfeeding Basics with The Lactation Consultants.  WATCH HERE

Breastfeeding & Returning To Work with The Lactation Consultants.  WATCH HERE

Crib to Bed Transition Strategies with Susie Menkes from Healthy Little Sleepers.  WATCH HERE

Gearapalooza Top Products with @Thebabyguynyc and BCB Founder Lindsay Pinchuk!  WATCH HERE

Introduction to Positive Discipline with Janeen Hayward.  WATCH HERE

Managing Childhood Anxiety: Tips for Parents with Drs Andrea Mazza, Dr. Wagner, Dr. Jennifer Keller of the Center for Anxiety & OCD.  WATCH HERE

Mastering the Parenting Art of Picking Your Battles with Jamie Waldvogel, MS, BCBA from Behave Your Best. WATCH HERE

Newborn Sleep Strategies (0-3 months) with Janeen Hayward, Swellbeing. WATCH HERE

Pelvic Floor Recovery: The Truth About Kegels, Sex & Everything “Down There” with Marcy Crouch from Restorative Pelvic Physical Therapy.  WATCH HERE

Picky Eating Solutions with Lara Field. WATCH HERE

Potty Training 101 with Janeen Hayward.  WATCH HERE

Sleep Strategies (6-12 months) with Janeen Hayward.  WATCH HERE

Toddler Sleep Strategies & Transitioning to a Big Bed with Janeen Hayward.  WATCH HERE

Understanding & Navigating Childhood Bullying with Janeen Hayward of Swellbeing.  WATCH HERE

What to do to Prepare for Baby #2 with Janeen Hayward.  WATCH HERE 


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